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The Royal Road

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ABOUT The Royal Road

Citizen Film salutes our collaborators Jenni Olson and Julie Dorf on their most recent achievement. An official selection of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, The Royal Road is a lyrical feature-length cinematic essay set against a contemplative backdrop of urban California landscapes. Visually stunning and intellectually stirring, The Royal Road offers up a primer on the Spanish colonization of California and the Mexican American War alongside intimate reflections on nostalgia, the pursuit of unavailable women, butch identity and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Featuring a voiceover cameo by Tony Kushner. 

In Variety Magazine, Dennis Harvey writes: “Sophie Constantinou’s oft-striking shots of exteriors all along the coast” contribute to a “beguiling meditation” on “the pull of nostalgia… and the romance of San Francisco itself.”

Project Team

Director: Jenni Olson

Cinematographer: Sophie Constantinou

Producer: Julie Dorf

Executive Producer: Paul Marcarelli

Editor: Dawn Logsdon




Posted on

March 18, 2015