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ABOUT The Liberating Lens

Jewish photographers had enormous impact in changing how Americans came to see themselves. The liberating power of their cameras, both in the past and today, is the theme of a multimedia exhibition and a course at the University of Michigan.

Project Team

Co-directors: Sam Ball & Jeremy Dauber

Scholar: Deborah Dash Moore

Associate Producer: Emma Bailey

Web Developer: Morgan Nixon

MORE About The Liberating Lens

The Liberating Lens was developed thanks to the New Media in Jewish Studies Collaborative, an innovation tank devoted to incubating projects at the new, visual turn in Jewish Studies scholarship.

Citizen Film is partnering with scholar Deborah Dash Moore and the University of Michigan’s Frankel Center for Jewish Studies to create digital stories and project-based learning activities that invite students and audiences to engage with the legacy of 20th Century Jewish photographers and their transformative visions of modernity.




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March 18, 2015