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PROGNOSIS — notes on living

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ABOUT PROGNOSIS — notes on living

When maverick Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Debra Chasnoff is diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer, she faces injustice as always, with her camera. With the help of her wife Nancy and their extended LGBTQ+ family, she traces a journey through the twists and turns of living with cancer. What emerges is a raw, intimate portrait of shifting relationships and identities — a story about hanging onto people you love, as you prepare to let them go.

PROGNOSIS is a co-production of Citizen Film and GroundSpark, the award-winning documentary film organization founded by Debra Chasnoff. The film premiere will be accompanied by a broad-reaching community-engagement campaign designed to spark much-needed conversations about serious illness, end of life care and mortality.

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Project Team

Director: Debra Chasnoff

Director / Producer: Kate Stilley Steiner

Executive Producer: Carrie Lozano

Producers: Lidia Szajko, Nancy Otto, Joan Lefkowitz

Consulting Producer: Sam Ball

Impact Producer: Andra Oshinsky

Editor: Mike Shen



Posted on

April 2, 2020