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Golden Magic Shoes

Golden Magic Shoes

Golden Magic Shoes is one of the clips featured in What We Carry With Us, Citizen Film’s ongoing series of exhibitions and events exploring refugees’ prized possessions. We design documentary video art expressly for Shipping containers, and play off their resonances. Shipping containers are disposable. They’re anonymous. They transport goods. In camps, they house refugees. By telling stories about objects refugees choose and have, we give agency to refugee storytellers and express human dignity.

Zander Berkeley Liberty, the refugee curator-storyteller profiled in “Golden Magic Shoes,” not only curated his own objects and stories for events on New York’s Broadway Plaza and at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum, he also composed music blending African and American influences. “Spoiler alert: It isn’t actually about the items you carry, or differences between new and old worlds. It’s about who you are, a question transcending politics and borders.” – G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

Project Team

Lead Artist and Producer: Sam Ball

Director of Photography: Sophie Constantinou

Editor: Mike Shen

Assistant Producer: Aurora Jiminez

Humanities Advisor: Francesco Spagnolo, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and Digital Humanities; Curator, UC Berkeley Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life



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November 18, 2019