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Prognosis: Notes on Living (Trailer)

ABOUT PROGNOSIS: NOTES ON LIVING (trailer for work-in-progress)

When Academy Award-winning social justice filmmaker Debra Chasnoff faces stage-4 cancer, she turns her lens on herself and the disease. What emerges is a raw, intimate portrait of her extended LGBTQ family —a story about hanging on while letting go.

The film will be released in 2019 along with a community-engagement campaign supporting historically marginalized LGBTQ families to find culturally relevant ways to navigate timeless questions about the end of life.

Project Team

Co-Producers: Kate Stilley-Steiner, Nancy Otto, Lidia Szaiko, Joan Lefkowitz

Editor: Mike Shen

Executive Producer: Carrie Lozano

Co-Production of Citizen Film & Groundspark



Posted on

November 18, 2019