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Students Respond to American Creed (excerpt)


This public television segment -set in rural Montana, the Southside of Chicago and the Eastside of Oakland, CA- was broadcast nationally in November, 2018 as an accompaniment to a national rebroadcast of the documentary feature American Creed, produced by Citizen Film for PBS and directed by Sam Ball. In the feature, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David M. Kennedy and his Stanford University Colleague Condoleezza Rice come together from different points of view to investigate the idea of a unifying American creed based on freedom, fairness and equal opportunity. Citizen Film mounted a public engagement campaign designed to engage as many people as possible, and of all ideologies, in reflection and discussion about building and sustaining American democracy.

To date, American Creed has garnered 2.4 million views in households and classrooms across the country. The three low-income students featured in Students Respond to American Creed were selected from among the many thousands of respondents who discussed American Creed in class. To view a selection of essays, digital stories or short films created by high school students, visit

Project Team

Director and Producer: Sam Ball

Producer and Editor: Mike Shen

Senior Executive Producer: Randy Bean

Executive Producer: Dan Soles

Cinematographers: Richard Gunderman, Sophie Constantinou, Ashley Mills



Posted on

November 18, 2019