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Community Leadership 2013

Mike McBride - 2013 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards
Nancy Hom - 2013 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards
Koshland Young Leadership Awards 2013 - San Francisco Foundation
Greg Moore - 2013 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards
E4FC - 2013 San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards
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Educators for Fair Consideration received the 2013 San Francisco Foundation Award for providing direct support to and advocacy for highly motivated, college-bound undocumented students who had come to the United States as children and wished to remain.

Nancy Hom, the 2013 Helen Crocker Russell Award winner, has used the arts as a means to reclaim and affirm the histories, struggles, and contributions of multicultural and underserved communities. Through her silkscreen posters, illustrations, 3-D installations, and curatorial work, Nancy has addressed a range of social issues and causes.

Reverend Michael McBride has tirelessly sought to address the alarming epidemic of gun violence, leading a local and national push to dramatically decrease gun violence and mass incarceration. The 2013 John R. May Award winner has built foundational interfaith relationships for community healing and change, and his growing influence has helped raise consciousness and shift the national dialogue on issues that impact marginalized communities.

Greg Moore received the 2013 Robert C. Kirkwood Award for his crucial role in the conversion of historic military posts into vibrant national parklands, the restoration of Crissy Field, the creation of an extensive trail system, and programs to engage diverse communities in park stewardship and education. In 2012, Greg led the creation of a new partnership with the Golden Gate Bridge District and National Park service to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the bridge and transform the visitor experience at this world famous destination.


Project Team

Producer & Director: Sophie Constantinou


The San Francisco Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations whose leadership makes a significant impact in Bay Area communities. This work may confront societal or civic issues, address health or environmental concerns, or promote arts and humanities.

For the past 12 years, Citizen Film has created short documentaries distilling these extraordinary stories into resonant documentary films. These productions premiere at the San Francisco Foundation’s annual Community Leadership Awards, an evening of food, fun and film for the entire Bay Area community. Organizations and their leaders then utilize those films for years as a way to communicate the need for and impact of their work.

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March 18, 2015