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Community Leadership 2012



Aim High is a recipient of the San Francisco Community Leadership Awards “for closing the achievement gap through programs that inspire a love of learning and a strong sense of community. Through its innovative, free summer school program, it supports the educational and developmental needs of middle-school-aged children, providing the tools for learning, a commitment to their community, and the hope for their future.”

Brenda Way, founder and artistic director of ODC, is a recipient of the San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards “for creating a community hub through dance. She built the largest, most comprehensive contemporary dance center in the nation, and through it she inspires dancers and audiences, cultivates artists, and engages the community. Brenda is a choreographer, writer, and community activist who strengthens our region’s cultural connections.”

Chinese for Affirmative Action is a recipient of a San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards “for being a champion against discrimination and for advancing systemic change for a racially just society. With its foundation firmly in the Asian and Pacific American community, its grassroots and policy efforts cross cultures to ensure equal opportunities for communities of color, reduce language barriers, and promote immigrant rights across the Bay Area.”

Rita Semel, interfaith pioneer and Jewish activist, is a recipient of the San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Awards “for her life-long successes in creating healthy, just, and inclusive communities in the Bay Area and worldwide. She builds bridges of understanding between diverse religious and ethnic communities, and brings together the interfaith community to help alleviate poverty and end discrimination. Her catalytic leadership is felt far and wide, from the San Francisco Interfaith Council to the Global Council for the United Religions Initiative. Her legacy will be a more peaceful and compassionate world.” – San Francisco Foundation

Project Team

Producer & Director: Sophie Constantinou


The San Francisco Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations whose leadership makes a significant impact in Bay Area communities. This work may confront societal or civic issues, address health or environmental concerns, or promote arts and humanities.

For the past 12 years, Citizen Film has created short documentaries distilling these extraordinary stories into resonant documentary films. These productions premiere at the San Francisco Foundation’s annual Community Leadership Awards, an evening of food, fun and film for the entire Bay Area community. Organizations and their leaders then utilize those films for years as a way to communicate the need for and impact of their work.

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March 18, 2015