ABOUT PROGNOSIS — notes on living

When maverick Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Debra Chasnoff is diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer, she faces injustice as always, with her camera. With the help of her wife Nancy and their extended LGBTQ+ family, she traces a journey through the twists and turns of living with cancer. What emerges is a raw, intimate portrait of shifting relationships and identities — a story about hanging onto people you love, as you prepare to let them go.

PROGNOSIS is a co-production of Citizen Film and GroundSpark, the award-winning documentary film organization founded by Debra Chasnoff. The film premiere will be accompanied by a broad-reaching community-engagement campaign designed to spark much-needed conversations about serious illness, end of life care and mortality.

Get your tickets now for the FREE VIRTUAL encore screening at Frameline Film Festival June 26 at 4pm PST!

Project Team

Director: Debra Chasnoff

Director / Producer: Kate Stilley Steiner

Executive Producer: Carrie Lozano

Producers: Lidia Szajko, Nancy Otto, Joan Lefkowitz

Consulting Producer: Sam Ball

Impact Producer: Andra Oshinsky

Editor: Mike Shen

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Aging, Disability, Health, Jewish Identity, LGBTQ, Women