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Throwing Curves: Eva Zeisel


ABOUT Throwing Curves: Eva Zeisel

“Throwing Curves” is a gripping ride through the life and times of Eva Zeisel, one of the most prolific industrial designers of the 20th century. Zeisel fled Nazi Austria for Russia, where she rapidly ascended to the top of her field, designing sensuous tableware for millions of Soviet workers. In the 1940’s, Zeisel narrowly escaped Stalin’s purge of Jewish artists and eventually landed in New York, where she shattered the glass ceiling and introduced curvilinear modernism to the American mass-market. In 1959, NY MoMA honored her with the first one-woman show in its history. An articulate champion of modernism, Zeisel is witty and feisty as ever, impassioned by her quest to bring style and beauty to every day life. At age 92, she remains one of the world’s best-selling tableware designers.



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March 18, 2015