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Maritza’s Story

About Maritza’s Story

Since 2002, Citizen Film has collaborated with over 100 nonprofits and City agencies on documentary storytelling projects promoting equity and inclusion for marginalized communities.

As with much of Citizen Film’s work, collaborating with marginalized community members on these films allows participants to take control of their own narratives, and helps train them to become community advocates.

Clients we’ve worked with for several years, like Immigrants Rising Storytellers and Advocates, are ideal candidates for Citizen Film’s revamped Advisory Council. These individuals will be invited to collaborate on achieving our organization’s broader goals of advancing cultural equity. By joining our Advisory Council, they will broaden and cross-pollinate our professional networks. For example, several of our Immigrants Rising collaborators on 20+ short films are low-income entrepreneurs, as are many of our Western Addition collaborators. Including immigrants on our Advisory Council will help diversify and deepen the understanding this network of low-income people brings to all of our cultural equity work.


Producer / Director: Sophie Constantinou

Editors: Mike Shen, Kate Linhardt



Posted on

November 12, 2019