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Racing on the Spectrum

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ABOUT Racing on the Spectrum

This documentary project, in early production, follows three extraordinary young racecar drivers through the twists and turns of coming of age with autism.

NASCAR driver Armani Williams, BRITCAR racer Bobby Trundley and two-time Radical Cup Champion Austin Riley believe that autism gives them special abilities to focus, process sensory information and make quick, safe decisions at breakneck speeds. But it takes all their determination to meet the intense demands of the competitive racing world — along with the challenges of entering adulthood with autism. The racers seek to defy expectations off the circuit, too, as they pursue relationships and independence, and step into a leadership role alongside other prominent advocates for neurodiversity.

Through partnership with these courageous athletes, their racing organizations, and an esteemed advisory group of neuroscientists and advocates, the Racing on the Spectrum documentary series will be the centerpiece of a robust audience-engagement campaign to increase acceptance of autism, raise awareness of brain science, and help create opportunity for everyone in our neurodiverse communities to realize their full potential.

Please consider joining a Racing on the Spectrum sponsor tier to support the production of this documentary series and bring it to global audiences. Citizen Film, Inc. (federal tax ID# 81-0621889) is a 501c3 charitable organization and gifts are eligible for tax deduction to the full extent allowed by law.

Contact for more information on how to support the film.

Project Team

Producer / Director / Writer: Sam Ball

Executive Producer / Producer: Kevin O’Connor

Producer / Director of Photography: Derreck Roemer

Co-Producers: Susan Schneider Williams, Tiffany Woolf

Additional Cinematography: Garland McLaurin

Editor: Kate Stilley Steiner

Composer: William Susman

Sound Design and Co-Composers: David Nelson, Karl Force

Associate Producer: Manish Khanal



Posted on

May 22, 2023