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ABOUT Curry Stone Design Prize

Hunnarshala, founded in the wake of the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, India, facilitates community-driven, artisan-led reconstruction in post-disaster areas, as well as long-term redevelopment of cities and informal settlements. Hunnarshala takes the long view on rehabilitation by training artisans and helping them start businesses, and by facilitating social housing, sustainable tourism, and wastewater treatment schemes in places that are past the point of crisis.

MORE About Curry Stone Design Prize

The Curry Stone Design Prize honors an individual or group for developing and implementing a visionary design innovation. These emerging projects address critical issues such as access to clean air, food and water, shelter, health care, energy, education, social justice and the promotion of peace. Winning projects engage communities at the fulcrum of change, raising awareness, empowering individuals and fostering collective revitalization. Nominees for the Curry Stone Design Prize are selected by an anonymous, rotating group of social impact experts from around the world. Nominators, who are invited to participate by the Prize’s board members and advisors, represent broad fields of design, as well as humanitarian advocacy across various disciplines. A rotating international jury led by one of the cofounders meets annually.



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March 18, 2015