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Hidden in Plain Sight! T-Shirts and the Curation of Identity

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ABOUT Hidden in Plain Sight! T-Shirts & the Curation of Identity

15,000+ visitors engaged with our multimedia installation July 23 – November 1, 2015, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco. That exhibition is coming soon to the East Bay JCC in Berkeley. Email for details.

T-shirts expressing contemporary identities are popular, but what can they tell us about how these identities are manufactured and marketed? Multimedia artist Sam Ball, of Citizen Film, and Stanford professor Ari Kelman explore this question in 14 whimsical videos projected onto a hanging installation of t-shirts in the museum store.

Project Team

Co-directors: Sam Ball & Ari Y. Kelman

Set Design: Art Wilinski

Web Design: Todd Schulte

Cinematography: Sophie Constantinou & Richard Gunderman

Editor: Mike Shen

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June 22, 2015