What We Carry With Us: Refugee Storylabs


What We Carry With Us: Refugee Storylabs

Young refugee storytellers curate their own prized possessions. Then, they collaborate with a team of digital artists and documentarians on a series of short films and “show and tell” multimedia events. For example, a shipping container is outfitted with luminous LED screens showcasing “video ads” for refugees’ “memory objects.” Inside the shipping containers, short documentaries are shown, followed by immersive video chats.
Immersive media installations have been presented at UC Berkeley’s Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life and –in collaboration with Shared Studios– on New York’s Times Square.

Watch our new streaming LGBTQ+ edition hosted by Frameline.

Project Team

Lead Artist: Sam Ball

Refugee Storytellers: Solomon Alpha Ahumuza, Adrian Edmundson, Basel Hamrah, Ivan Islas, Abby Kariuki, Miral Mokhtar, Brian Muzik, Nouran El Gendy, Zander Liberty, Adolphe Niwemfura, Night Okindo, Hector Romero, Simon Ruta, Tamara Touma

Editor: Mike Shen

Cinematographer: Sophie Constantinou

Associate Producer, Additional Camerawork: Aurora Jiminez

Co-curator: Francesco Spagnolo (the Magnes)


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