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Buchanan Stories

San Francisco Arts Commission: Artists and Communities in Partnership

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Work Sample #1: Buchanan Stories Site Map

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Medium: Images (4)

Artists Involved: Sophie Constantinou (Director/Cinematographer); Studio for Public Spaces (Exploratorium SPS); Green Streets leadership team

Year Created: 2015

Venue: Online

Dimensions: 4 pages; 8.5×11 in

Description: This PDF illustrates the audio domes artist Sophie Constantinou and the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces designed in collaboration with the Green Streets’ leadership team and the Buchanan Mall community. These audio domes will be incorporated into structures SPS is designing for the park. The domes will house audio stories that highlight three generations of struggle for community ownership and unity. The audio domes will be fitted onto structures strategically positioned to abut the facilities of two key, deeply invested outreach partners, the African American Art and Culture Complex and the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center.

Work Sample #2: Tyrone Mullins’ Story

Password: sfac

Medium: Video (TRT 2:00)

Artists Involved: Sophie Constantinou (Director/Cinematographer); Sam Ball (Producer); Green Streets team partners

Year Created: 2015

Venue: Online

Description: Green Streets’ founder Tyrone Mullins–a Buchanan Mall native–tells a story that has a lot in common with the stories of many young adult African American men in the neighborhood. Tyrone decided to do something about the subpar living conditions along the mall and the turf violence that divides the neighborhood. An audio version of this story may be created during the grant period, to be included among multiple stories told in audio domes to be installed along Buchanan Mall. Trained in documentary storytelling by Citizen Film, Tyrone is one of several young adults and youth who will interview one another and their elders to create audio stories documenting the struggle for community ownership along the Mall over three generations and respond to the community’s current aspirations for safety, unity and empowerment.

Green Streets and Citizen Film have already garnered significant support for the creation, sharing and stewardship of the Buchanan Stories project. We have reached out to more than 30 community groups and all have enthusiastically responded to our call to participate in wall-writing events, storytelling sessions and neighborhood gatherings at the structures created by the partnership between Citizen Film, Green Streets, SPS, SF Rec & Park and the Trust for Public Land.


African American Art & Culture Complex
AfroSolo Theatre
Bayview Senior Services
BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens)/Community Grows
Brothers Against Guns
Brothers For Change
California First Management Associates
Community Partners United
Community Response Network
Ella Hill Hutch Community Center
Hamilton Recreation Center
Hayward Park
Healing For Our Families
Magic Zone Collective Impact
Man Alive
Mo’ Magic
Multipurpose Senior Services, Inc.
New Community Foundation
Red Connect
Roots Of Success
Rosa Parks Senior Center
San Francisco Housing Authority
SFSVIP-Street Violence Intervention
The Garden Project
University of San Francisco
Urban Solutions
Urban Strategies
Western Addition Neighborhood Access Point
Western Addition One Stop/Success Center


101 Webster
Alton Management
Ammel Park (Coop housing)
Banneker Homes
Bethel AME
Buchanan Apartments
Community Housing Partnership
EAH Housing
EPMI Property Management Services
First Friendship Baptist Church
First Union Baptist Church
Frederick Douglas (housing)
Freedom West (housing)
Friendship Apartments
Full Gospel San Francisco Church
Glad Tiding Church
Jehovah Witness
John Stewart Company (housing organization)
Loren Miller (housing)
McCormack Baron Management
Neighborhood Baptist Church
Paradise Baptist Church
Plaza East (housing)
Thomas Payne (housing)
Third Baptist Church
Uptown Church of Christ