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Community Art: Revitalizing Buchanan Mall

San Francisco Neighborhood Arts Collaborative

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The New Buchanan Mall

TRT 4:24

This is footage of an active participatory storytelling and design process led by Citizen Film, the community-owned and operated social venture Green Streets and the Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces. Support from SFNAC would allow us to bring this project to fruition in the Summer and Fall of 2016: engaging the local community in interviewing one another, creating, sharing and discussing a suite of impactful documentary shorts that explore residents’ experiences of Buchanan Mall, and their hopes and ideas for what the Mall could become. We will work with SFRPD to engage residents in a “Summer of Visioning” to decide how multimedia installations on Buchanan Mall can work in tandem with other physical improvements and arts programming to address the Buchanan Mall community’s challenges. This work will continue throughout the year, rolling out the community’s vision for Buchanan Mall 2.0 in collaboration with a diverse array of local arts and nonprofit organizations.

Green Streets

TRT 2:00

The story of Tyrone Mullins, a Buchanan Mall native, has a lot in common with the stories of many young adult African American men in the neighborhood. Tyrone decided to do something about the subpar living conditions along the mall and the turf violence that divides the neighborhood when he founded Green Streets. Trained in documentary storytelling by Citizen Film, Tyrone is one of several working adults and youth who will interview one another and their elders to create audio stories documenting the struggle for community ownership along the Mall over three generations and responding to the community’s current aspirations for safety, unity and empowerment. An audio version of Tyrone’s story, along with his interview with artist Eugene E. White, is being funded by SFAC. These new stories, played in audio domes, in public screening events, and as scan-code-activated smartphone videos, are about local residents who are reimagining the neighborhood as a place of healing, economic empowerment and unity.